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The most important factor supporting Galvanni philosophy covers studies advocating social and individual values of the end-customer who adopts a dynamic lifestyle. Galvanni adopted a policy of allocating significant amount of resources for sports clothing R & D studies aiming realistic needs of customers who thinks being in any kind of activities influencing lifestyle in positive sense as a pleasure. These studies continuously developing in line with fashion, demonstrate features that should be available in every wardrobe with a comfortable and enjoyable Galvanni collection.

Behind the success of Galvanni brand is the sensitive approaches focused on lifestyles of customers. These approaches support not only production in polo, marine and basic style clothing but also all understandings adopting sport style clothing and lifestyle. Sponsoring events that are sporty, fun and educational Galvanni  is on the way to be a  global brand with its own style, high level of fashion sense and high quality thanks to branding activities.

Galvanni has driven a momentum through active and innovative nature owned to sports garment industry. Galvanni focused all over the world on contributing in the growth and development of polo, marine and basic garments sector and on being the first preference of the end-consumer has acquired a goal of being the guide for those opted dynamic lifestyle.

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